Article List Information

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Module Features:

  • Simple output of articles based on category ID
  • Joomla core category support
  • K2 category support
  • Customizeable by way of custom classes and ID's
  • Pre-styled output for the lazy folks out there ( you can edit fancy.css if you use the fancy options )

Module Settings Explained:

  • List Mode

    Fancy List - A pre-styled un-ordered list format
    Fancy Table - A pre-styled table format with optional created date column
    Unordered List - A simple unordered list output
    Ordered List - A simple numerically ordered list
    Table - A basic table with optional created date format

  • List Source

    Joomla Category - A category ID from Joomla's category system
    K2 Category - A category ID from the K2 component ( )

  • Category ID - The category ID you wish to pull articles from
  • Created Date - For tables, you can either show or hide the created date column
  • Even Row Color - Color of even rows, this actually applies to any list mode
  • Odd Row Color - No explaination needed ;)
  • Title Length - NOT YET IMPLEMENTED, Coming in the next release
  • List Length - The number of articles to display in the list
  • List Class - A class name to add to the table, ordered or unordered list to allow custom styling in your template stylesheet
  • List ID - Same as above only this will be the unique ID instead of a Class


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